Lumbar behavior

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12/17/2017 - 6:33am
Lumbar behavior

My lumbar spine is not acting good. When I palpate the processes in the back, they've sometimes turned inch-tall and sometimes just a knob is there. And often two of them are knobs and three of them are inch-tall. What is happening in my spine? (The inch-tall part appears to come from above the knob as if the 'spinal process' is tilting posteriorly.)

Other than that, the spinal erectors won't relax. Is there a way to release them for good? I don't have a chair for stretchsitting, but I do it minimally while riding a bus against the chair. The stretchlying on my back: I don't quite feel any stretch happening. Like I'm only pulling bone or ligament. Severly tucked pelvis I guess. I'm stuck on the first exercise in the appendix of the book.