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target audience for the 201 class?

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4 months 1 week ago
06/09/2009 - 12:06am
target audience for the 201 class?
I was wondering what the target audience for the EG Method 201 class is.  I have taken 101, but feel that there is a lot of material from 101 that I haven't truly digested yet.  What do you see the class as providing?  For anyone interested, the syllabus and schedule for 201 are listed at: http://gokhalemethod.com/instruction/gokhale_method201.html
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38 sec ago
09/10/2008 - 8:36pm
The target audience is you, the 101 alumni. 201 gives you a chance to revisit principles learned in 101 in a different context. So we'll be revisiting glidewalking, but while going up and down stairs and hills. 201 also teaches you new techniques to mobilize and straighten your spine that would have been premature in 101. For a simple review of what you learned in 101, I recommend a one-hour refresher class (see the website under classes/services.)  I recommend taking the refresher class periodically to keep all the techniques improving instead of backsliding. it's hard to keep all the techniques intact given that everyone around is slouching and most furniture conspires against healthy posture. Best of all, do both a refresher class and the 201 class...
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