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BEST work the glutes on stairmaster

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08/06/2015 - 4:46pm
BEST work the glutes on stairmaster

I like to exercise outside but for my aerobic training it is very convenient to use a stairmaster machine, especially in the colder winter.
I have a question about maximizing my use of my stairmaster exercise machine in a way that would BEST work the glutes that we would like to work on for best postural health.
As you probably know, the stairmaster can allow you to walk on it, "jog" on it, do short steps, or much longer/deeper steps, and somewhere in between. Also one can vary the SPEED of the machine so that you are forced to step or jog quickly or slowly. Which of the possible methods of using the stairmaster would best work the glutes in a way that promotes postural health (kind of like glide walking is the best way to walk ); what is the smartest way "to Stairmaster" to get the biggest bang for the buck for your glutes?

Thanks for all you do.


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3 min 9 sec ago
09/05/2014 - 6:51am

Hello - Using a stair master is great for the lower body over all, especially using the awareness that you've gained from the Gokhale Method.  I think you really would benefit the most by using the stairmaster in a variety of ways as you've described to get a good all-around workout.  Make sure you start from a good tallstanding position. You can fire up the gluteus medius first by doing the donkey kick exercise on page 213 of Esther's book, 8 Steps to a Pain-Free Back.  Do enough so that you can really feel that muscle, and then when you do the stairmaster, make sure that muscle is activated with every step.

Thanks for writing!

Doreen Giles

Gokhale Method Teacher


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